Friday, May 8, 2009

Springtime at the Cramptons !

Sadie (3) at the front of the house.. the sun was in her eyes !

Bethany (6). Oh that girl loves to ride her bike FAST !
The front of the house with the globe willow tree on the left and the double wood doors that took me SO LONg to stain and varnish. That's Bethany riding her bike again.

The front of the house taken from across the street. I love that globe willow.

Above is a view looking North from the West side of our house from in front of the soon to be completed waterfall, once I get a zillion other jobs around here finished.

I just had to put this in as it was on the XD Card. This is Sadie's first ride with me on the Suzuki. It was actually taken in March -as you can see from the snow in the background. She loved her first ride and we went very slowly around the neighborhood. Sadie was not scared at all. Her legs are not quite long enough to reach the rear pedals yet !

A beautiful plant in bloom in the yard. I have know idea what variety this is but I like the yellow color !

A view from the front of the house looking East with our semicircular driveway to the right.

The rear of the house from the SouthWest corner of the property.

Looking down into the rear yard from the deck towards the Southwest corner from where the last photograph was taken. I am grateful for a riding lawnmower ! But I cannot use it as Kori always wants to mow the grass. The landscaping is all her work !

The path which leads to the apartment on the back of the house.

Looking North from the East side of the house.

Sadie on the trampoline waving at me !

If I can't figure out how to rotate this shot 90 degrees to the left you will have to turn your head 90 degrees to the right. Sorry ! I love the colors of the blossom on this tree in the back yard.

That's it except for shots of the house from the front which I may take and post tomorrow.

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