Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kamee's Master's Degree Graduation....

Gunnar on the broken statue of David... mythology !
Kori this one's for you !!

On the way from the parking lot to graduation ceremonies... Jaren with Gunnar on his shoulders, Brianna tending to Larkin, Bethany.

Brianna and Larkin

Bethany wearing kamee's graduation cap... a few more years and she will be there !

The commencement exercises at cal. State Fullerton, 23 may 2009

My ticket for Kamee's graduation ceremonies...

Larkin in her stroller at Kamee's Master's graduation

Bethany, Kamee, Brianna and Larkin 23 May 2009

May 23rd 2009 - Fullerton California. Kamee with her son Gunnar on her right and daughter Larkin on her lap on the campus after graduation exercises. Kamee's Master's degree was in Education from California State University at Fullerton.

Jaren, Gunnar, Kamee and Larkin

Gunnar had just thrown his arms around Kamee and I guess she was a little shocked

Bethany, Kamee and Larkin at the lecturn after graduation ceremonies.

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