Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kamee's Master's Degree Graduation....

Gunnar on the broken statue of David... mythology !
Kori this one's for you !!

On the way from the parking lot to graduation ceremonies... Jaren with Gunnar on his shoulders, Brianna tending to Larkin, Bethany.

Brianna and Larkin

Bethany wearing kamee's graduation cap... a few more years and she will be there !

The commencement exercises at cal. State Fullerton, 23 may 2009

My ticket for Kamee's graduation ceremonies...

Larkin in her stroller at Kamee's Master's graduation

Bethany, Kamee, Brianna and Larkin 23 May 2009

May 23rd 2009 - Fullerton California. Kamee with her son Gunnar on her right and daughter Larkin on her lap on the campus after graduation exercises. Kamee's Master's degree was in Education from California State University at Fullerton.

Jaren, Gunnar, Kamee and Larkin

Gunnar had just thrown his arms around Kamee and I guess she was a little shocked

Bethany, Kamee and Larkin at the lecturn after graduation ceremonies.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All in a day's work.....

Nurse Amber, one of my favorite nurses. If you are ever sick and homebound this is for sure the nurse you want treating you !

Do you remember what Johnny Carson said about his career and in particular his days hosting
" The Tonight Show' ?? It was ( and i'm paraphrasing) that he was the luckiest man alive because he woke up every morning doing exactly what he wanted to do and enjoyed it immensely.

As many of you know, I am a home health physical therapist. I spend my days treating patients in their home and assisted living facilities. My patients range in age from 34 to 95. I love helping them regain strength, range of motion and endurance. Above is a photo of my 95 year old patient and I , Grace, at her 95th birthday party in December. Have you ever seen a more beautiful lady ? Since then, Grace has sustained a fall with a broken pelvis from which she is recovering. She loves baseball and is a HUGE fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I love going to work on a Monday morning. I am always pleasantly tired by the end of the day and in particular by the end of a Friday. But I love what I do. The intrinsic rewards are immense. I practice what I preach. I exercise constantly and try to set an example for my patients. I hope to still be running marathons when and if I am an octogenarian.

Today I had a patient who was very negative. He complained during the whole treatment session. He is a very negative man. He has made poor choices which have affected his health. He chose not to marry and has no children. He will leave this world a very lonely man.

In contrast I have a young amputee patient with two small boys who loves life. She has had all her fingers and thumbs amputated along with her left leg below the knee and part of her right foot. She is always upbeat and positive, grateful to be alive. She looks forward to the day soon when she will have a prosthesis. Today she started walking on her knees with knee pads on. Just a couple of laps around the room, but a huge step in her rehabilitation. I feel honored and blessed to walk this path with her as her physcial therapist. I am one of the luckiest men alive and I love my calling in life.

These shoes are made for running....

I have made no secret of the fact that I like Asics Gel Cumulus ... In fact this is the shoe that I have worn for most of my marathons over the last few years. These are my Asics Gel Cumulus Mark 8 in size 10. I have worn these shoes in 3 marathons this year - Diamond Valley Lake in January, Salt Lake City in April and Ogden last week as well as the Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon in Moab. I LOVE these shoes. I paid $45 brand new for them on Ebay, my favorite shopping site. They have superb cushioning, a large toe box and are very light. I will wear them next Monday in the Los Angeles Marathon and all other marathons this year. Since Feb 2007 I have a metal pin and 3 small screws in my left foot and I would never know it when wearing these shoes. I hope they will power me to a sub-3:30 finish this year and a sweet reunion at the 2010 Boston Marathon next April.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009 Ogden Marathon Recap.

2009 Ogden Marathon - Lifetime Marathon #65

Today was the Ogden Marathon which was located about 30 miles North of Salt Lake City. I have run this race 5 times previously with finishing times ranging from 3:39 to 3:50.
My goal this year was firstly to run sub 3:40, and hopefully to run sub 3:30:59 to ensure an early season qualifying time for the 2010 Boston Marathon and take some of the pressure off the rest of the marathon running season.
This event and others like to is not possible without the enormous sacrifice of hundreds of volunteers including the amazing bus drivers who get up in the middle of the night to take us to the race start. So here is a picture of our smiling and helpful bus driver whose name I forgot to ask. But thank you for taking the time early on a Saturday morning to drive the runners up the canyon to the race start. You are sincerely appreciated my friend.

This is the scene at the starting area as the sun starts to come up. The race start was 7 am.

My good friend Leon Dietlaf, aged 50, veteran of more than 130 marathons and a recent SLC marathon finisher last month with a time of 3:25. Leon offered at the last minute to pace me through the first half of the course as close to 1:43 as possible. ( which he did.. exactly 1:43 at the half ....thanks Leon)

Ellie my "seatmate" on the bus. Ellie kindly agreed to pick up my race packet at next year's expo so I don't have to make two trips to Ogden and can just drive up early on the Saturday morning and meet her at the bus loading area.

The several thousand runners converging at the start of the race. Note the endless line of porta-potties in the field at the back.

The Race begins:
Perhaps I should give my mile splits and a brief narrative here :
Mile 1 7:31 downhill start, a little too fast
Mile 2 7:42 put the brakes on, a little too slow
Mile 3 7:29 next 3 miles felt just right
Mile 4 7:39
Mile 5 7:38
Mile 6 7:59 need to pick it up a bit here
Mile 7 7:38
Mile 8 7:47
Mile 9 7:52
MIle 10 7:57 took my first pain pill here
Mile 11 8:22 stopped to pee at portapotty.. clear and well hydrated ...took an endurolyte salt tablet here
Mile 12 7:56
Mile 13 7:53
First half : 1:43 right on schedule with a 2 minute cushion for a 3:30 finish

The first half was nice and easy downhills, with a tendency to go out too fast as I have done in other years. Having a pacer helped immensely this year.
Second half of the race:
Mile 14 8:04
Mile 15 8:12 in spite of the big hill, I dug deep to keep the pace
Mile 16 7:56
Mile 17 8:16
Mile 18 7:46 steep downhill and the pain pill was working here. Caught up with Leslie, a good female runner from the Sojourners Running Club in Orem who toasted me at the Moab Half marathon the other month !
Mile 19 9:10 Took in a lot of fluids at the aid station to avoid dedydration as it was starting to get warmer now.. mid 60's I believe.
Mile 20 7:49 Leslie faded away behind me
Mile 21 8:19
Mile 22 8:23
Mile 23 7:57 At this point I was exactly on pace for a 3:30. If only I had taken another salt tablet at mile 15 as the calf cramps were starting to hamper my running now and I allowed myself brief periods of walking and stretching
Mile 24 8:52 Lost valuable time with calf cramps. This is not looking good. Behind schedule by 1 minute
Mile 25 9:02 Starting to become very emotional as I realized my dream of a 3:30 was fading and 3:32 was looking inevitable
Mile 26 8:24 Tried desperately to pick up the pace but the calf cramps were severe and I just could not get on an 8 min/mile pace. This part of the race I don't like as we are away from the trail and on the road for the first time heading South to the finish line which is looming in the distance.
Last 0.34 miles.... 2:41 ......yes the race was indeed long and added about 1 minute to my total finish time. Perhaps if the course had been correct I could have made up that 16 seconds somewhere in the last mile and reached my main goal.
Final finish time : 3:32:16 This is actually my best time in the last 2 1/2 years of marathon racing bettered by a 3:30:57 at Park City 2006 and a 3:30:19 at St George 2006
I was very emotional at the finish. I called home to give the finish time to Brianna then put the cryocuff on my knees and started driving home after a visit to the Wasatch Running Club 's "Grand Slam" tent to pick up some schwag which included a race cap and a cool water bottle.
Now I have 8 days to rest and recover before I tackle the Los Angeles Marathon which will be held Monday May 25th - Memorial day 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

This is the day when we honor our Mothers for all that they have done and continue to do for our families. So, in our home we try and make Mom feel very special on Mother's day.
The breakfast that we had planned for breakfast time took place for lunch instead as we all slept in later than expected this morning. We had scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and low fat turkey sausage. What a yummy meal !
Last night I had stayed up late making cards from he girls. Very simple but thoughtful - take a colored sheet or card 8 X 11 size - fold in half. Then a cute photo picture of each girl 5 x7 size affixed with school glue to the front of the card . The inside message was typed on the computer, printed out and then affixed to the inside of the card. This means so much more to Mom than simply buying a generic card at the store and the photos look so cute on the front of a card.
For dinner we had the in-laws over and a menu of chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans, lima beans and brown gravy with homemade peach pie and cool whip for dessert. Then the two guys did all the dishes while the ladies visited in the family room.
An hour or two of visiting and this was a perfect Mother's Day !

Friday, May 8, 2009

Springtime at the Cramptons !

Sadie (3) at the front of the house.. the sun was in her eyes !

Bethany (6). Oh that girl loves to ride her bike FAST !
The front of the house with the globe willow tree on the left and the double wood doors that took me SO LONg to stain and varnish. That's Bethany riding her bike again.

The front of the house taken from across the street. I love that globe willow.

Above is a view looking North from the West side of our house from in front of the soon to be completed waterfall, once I get a zillion other jobs around here finished.

I just had to put this in as it was on the XD Card. This is Sadie's first ride with me on the Suzuki. It was actually taken in March -as you can see from the snow in the background. She loved her first ride and we went very slowly around the neighborhood. Sadie was not scared at all. Her legs are not quite long enough to reach the rear pedals yet !

A beautiful plant in bloom in the yard. I have know idea what variety this is but I like the yellow color !

A view from the front of the house looking East with our semicircular driveway to the right.

The rear of the house from the SouthWest corner of the property.

Looking down into the rear yard from the deck towards the Southwest corner from where the last photograph was taken. I am grateful for a riding lawnmower ! But I cannot use it as Kori always wants to mow the grass. The landscaping is all her work !

The path which leads to the apartment on the back of the house.

Looking North from the East side of the house.

Sadie on the trampoline waving at me !

If I can't figure out how to rotate this shot 90 degrees to the left you will have to turn your head 90 degrees to the right. Sorry ! I love the colors of the blossom on this tree in the back yard.

That's it except for shots of the house from the front which I may take and post tomorrow.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My favorite Running Trails in photographs....

Above is the point on the trail where I cut down on my way back to the house after a " short' run, to rejoin the road.

Looking South, this is the uphill part of the trail that has the best view and is the least muddy when it rains.
The same part of the trail looking North towards the Alpine Mountains.

High Country Road that I go up to reach the trailhead. The trail is to the right of the road at this point.

A view looking Northwest from the trail at the mid point.

So here is Mount Timpanogos which is great fun to climb in the summertime after most of the snow has melted on the lower trails. The mountain is about 12,000 feet and takes about 4 1/2 hours to climb from the Aspen Trailhead. Alternatively you can run it in about 2 1/2 hours with a few rest breaks along the way. It is beautiful this time of the year with clear blue skies in the background.

I wanted to take a shot of the Spring flowers in front of American Heritage School where Brianna goes to school. It is a private school in NorthEast American Fork about a mile from our home. the Alpine Mountains are clearly visible in the background. This is a beautiful place to live.

This is the scene from the trail on the East bench of Cedar Hills. This is where I live to train. This is where I find my soul in the clear air where few runners go. There is a two mile climb up Bear Canyon Road after crossing the Canyon Road. It is a hard climb but great to strengthen your legs for a marathon. This view looks West with Utah Lake in the distance.

Another view from the trail looking South West with Utah Lake in the background.

I didn't want to devote a blog page to this so here it is mixed in with running. The rolls that I made FROM SCRATCH the other week to take to the Larsens for dinner. Quite delicious even if I say so myself !