Sunday, October 5, 2008

Part 3 of St George Marathon 2008

The brightest white teeth at the start !

Jodie the Ironwoman triathlete at the start

Most of the field with their bin liners on and ready to run

Here's how a few of my friends did in the 2008 St George Marathon:

Scott Nelson 3:00:00
Bronson Dameron 3:07:16
Andy Jacobs 3:09:54
Paul Thomas 3:11:18
Bill Hiatt 3:15:09
Derek Butters 3:35:53
Dan Coles 3:35:54
Bill Mitchell 3:36:42
Mark Nelson 3:42:03
Laura Gardanier 3:43:20
Lynette Borup 3:44:43
Mike Shelton 3:46:43
Rike Mitchell 3:50:31
Dave Hilmo 3:55:25
Larry Marshall 3:55:36
Kevin Jessop 3:57: 00
Tammy Miller 4:06:06
Cory Borup 4:12:05
Carmen Shelton 4:29:56
Doug Larsen 6:01:37


Amanda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I can tell it gets addictive, especially after reading yours. I ran a 5K a year ago. I never dreamed I would be training for a marathon!

She Who Makes Waves said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Utah is a place I have considered travelling to, to run a half! Also a place I would like to vist there also for hiking!

Someday you should plan a visit to this neck of the woods!

Amanda said...

I am training/aiming for the marathon in Huntington Beach on February 1. Are you still on marathon tour?

Laura said...

Jonathan, I'm so excited to hear that you've joined the Maniacs! I'm #1036. You'll find it to be a very welcoming group - I LOVE going to races and seeing other Maniacs, because they're so friendly! Even if you're running all the way across the country from home, it's nice to see a familiar face... or at least a familiar shirt :)