Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 weeks and change until Ogden

I am really starting to stress about the Ogden marathon. The course is a great one to BQ. It starts high up with gentle downhill until the half way point then flat until 15 where there is a nasty uphill - that's ok since I can take some Gu and plenty of fluids before I go up the hill. Once you cross over the bottom end of the reservoir the downhill starts all over again for several miles and it is very tranquil to run through the canyon with the spring river and waterfalls on your right as you descend. I don't like the last few miles along the park trail. It is uneven and since that is where I usually hurt, it is an unpleasant experience especially the last mile in which you run into town through a bunch of traffic lights. I have done this race several times, with the following times:

2000 3:49:39

2003 3:39:36

2005 3:42:45

2006 3:50:24

2008 3:53:04

I am pretty certain that I can break 3:45 assuming that it is not too hot the last 6 miles. I am confident that I can hit 3:40 as well but that last 10 minutes is the big concern. I wish that Bill could pace me but the race was full before he attempted to sign up. This race has become much more popular and far more organized that it was at the beginning of the decade.

So why am I stressing ? Because this is a realistic chance for me to BQ - I need a 3:30, and have done a lot of trails and hills the last few weeks. My legs feel strong and I can hold sub 8's during the first half of this race without too much problem. The big concern is the hill at 15 and my hydration levels . I have my endurolytes ready for miles 10 and 15. I have my Asics Gel Cumulus 8's that have seen one marathon and one half marathon this season. I will carry two GU's - I have found I do not need as many since I started taking endurolytes.

I am also going to eat some canned peaches before the race - very high in potassium and should work ok if I take an immodium with them. My friend in Woods Cross swears by them before a marathon.

If I don't BQ there are other races this season but I don't want to wait until the end of July or September or October to qualify. I want to run those races without a lot of pressure. This is my year. This is my year to work hard and achieve my goals. I can do it. My core is stronger than last year. I have more miles under my belt than last year at this point in the season.

And I will not fail. That barrier is there to be broken. BELIEVE !!


Jill said...

I feel kinda bad about me causing the "pressure." I would love for you to go to Boston and experience that with me but please don't feel the pressure to do so. If you feel too much pressure, the stress will pull the rug right under you. Relax, breathe and just go slow the first few miles - that will save yourself for the last miles. I've killed one too many marathons by going out too fast in the beginning (even with Boston '09). I can't wait to hear about your race. Is it the 17th? You're an incredible marathoner, you are going to do awesome!

JonathanMarathonMan said...

No it is Saturday the 16th of May.. 1 week to go :)