Monday, May 31, 2010

State Capitol Half Marathon

Left to right: Kari Ann, myself, Dave and Lisa at the start of the race. 103 marathons between us :)

Another new race and some wonderful friends to share it with on a very poignant day when we remember those who paid the ultimate price with their sacrifice for the freedoms that we all too often take for granted. Thank you Dad for your service on Sword beach, Normandy when you were only 19 years of age and those left behind on those fateful beaches.

I drove to the park and ride and Thanksgiving Point where I met up with Kari Ann, Dave and Lisa. We drove in my Odyssey up to the start at the Olympus Hills shopping center on Wasatch Boulevard where we picked up our ankle timing chips and parked the vehicle. Leslie was there, volunteering at the race in return for a free entry into the Halloween Half marathon at the end of October at Aspen Grove. We chatted for a few minutes and I saw her again at an aid station in the last half of the race.

So here is the play by play !
The first group of about 20 runners set off. This was supposed to be a wave start but ended up being one small wave, a 20 second break, then the rest of us took off. The roads were wide in the first few miles so the wave start was not really necessary and I will suggest to Michael next year that we just do one mass start.
I went out at a brisk pace, full of youthful energy and enthusiasm.
Mile 1: 6:45
Mile 2: 6:44
Mile 3 : 7:21.... the first hill crossing over the bridge which really sapped my strength a bit
(first 5k... 21:27 )
Mile 4: 7:14
Mile 5: 7:42
Mile 6: 9:02... starting the big hills, baby steps, lean in and dig deep for reserves
Mile 7: 9:28... ok this is really tough now... climbing a narrow steep trail by the "This is the Place' monument. How fitting that we run by that and remember also the pioneers who settled this valley
Mile 8: 8:15... took an extra loop around the parking lot as I was leading a group of ten runners and it was really the blind leading the blind. that cost me :20 of a mile and maybe just under two minutes of wasted time.
Mile 9: 7:56
Mile 10: 7:22... should have taken that endurolyte 10 minutes ago as the right calf is cramping. This is all downhill, I should have been pulling out 6:45's from here on
Mile 11: 7:22... can't get rid of that cramp and others are gaining on me
Mile 12: 7:28 fairly steep downhill, mixture of hobble and run here, passed by 5 runners all of whom were younger than me
Mile 13: 7:51... this is really silly, what a slowpoke I was here.. tried to look good for the spectators but I needed some salt badly

Final time: 1:43 and change.... 21st overall out of 265+

I waited for Lisa to come in... 1:49 well done, then Kari Ann in about 2:05 which is an excellent time on a very tough, hilly course. Kari Ann looked radiant and elated as she crossed the line. I asked one of the volunteers if I could " medal" my friend, so she passed me a finishers medal and I did so. We waited for Dave to come in, then sat around on the grass stretching and chatting for about half an hour before taking the shuttle bus back to the start.

It was a pleasant drive back to Thanksgiving Point where the others hopped in their cars and went home. I ate quickly then sat in an ice bath for 17 minutes after a tepid shower. This really felt good on the legs... did some more stretching and then ate some more.

Next race: Marathon #74.. Utah Valley, June 12th 2010

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KA said...

Any idea what the total elevation gain was on that race?